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How I Felt About SMU Homecoming as a Freshman

Homecoming. We all know it….but would I love it?

Being a freshman at SMU, I had heard that Homecoming was a big-time tradition for our school. Curious and not really knowing what to expect, I decided to document my experience during all the festivities throughout this exciting week and answer the question: Does it live up to the hype?

Field Day: On Friday, October 26, I walked on to the intramural field with absolutely no idea what constituted “Field Day” – and it ended up being a lot of fun! Competing in the multi-event relay was quite the experience, from the sack race to the final sprint at Fill the Bucket. I loved the fact that groups from Greek life and the Residential Commons participated in the event!

Rock the Vote: As a PNM (Potential New Member), I got to attend Rock the Vote with Greek organizations and Commons representatives, and the hype was real. Everyone was dressed up in their organization’s colors, and there was lots of cheering, lights and the presentation of the Homecoming Court. Each candidate was able to showcase a talent or interesting fact upon introduction – one eloquently tied his shoes – and there were even performances by the Pom Squad! Throughout the week, Mustang pride was evident – but it really shined here.

Image via smudallas


Perunas: The Perunas that decorated Dallas Hall lawn were creative, colorful and just really cool! Each Peruna represented either a Greek organization, a Residential Commons or other groups like the Human Rights Program, and I loved being able to see each group’s interpretation of the time period or decade that they were assigned to go along with the theme of “A Timeless Tradition.”


Image via Boaz Commons


Pigskin Revue: I absolutely loved Pigskin Revue! The theme was inspired by “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and the band played the theme music perfectly! All of the performers, from those who sang, to those who danced, to one alumni who provided the audience a laugh with his comedy act, were entertaining and talented. The experience was all the more enjoyable having learned beforehand that the Pigskin Revue is actually an 80-year tradition at SMU that has bound students, faculty and alumni together for decades – so, I guess you could say it’s a timeless tradition…


Image via Mustang Band


The Mustang Mavericks have consistently performed at Pigskin Revue.

GAME DAY: Can we all just take a moment to sit back and appreciate the fact that we defeated HOUSTON?!? With a 45-31 win, the Mustangs left it all on the field to defeat the Cougars – who had a 4-0 conference record before entering Gerald J. Ford Stadium – and it was epic.

Another great thing about game day? The floats. I LOVED the floats. All of them were so detailed, and you could see that a lot of hard work was put in to make sure each one was picture perfect.

The first place float was constructed by Gamma Phi Beta and Kappa Sigma.

Image via Her Campus


The Tent got its own supersize makeover for the day too, complete with a DJ, and there was a pre-game concert with Jack Ingram for the country music lovers as well. There was so much to do and see, it was impossible not to feel the inexplicable energy that Homecoming brought to campus! A successful day, if you ask me.


Homecoming King Raj Suppiah and Queen Michelle Campbell. Image via smudallas


All in all, this Homecoming was one for the books – I can’t wait until next year!

Sarah Venables is a freshman at Southern Methodist University who plans on studying English, History and Journalism under the Pre-Law track. In her spare time, she can be found reading and watching the latest rom-coms on Netflix. Loves chocolate chip cookies and spending time with friends.
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