Gluten Free Foods That Don't Taste Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein in wheat, barley, flour and rye. A person diagnosed with Celiac Disease, thyroid problems and gluten intolerance has to cut gluten out of their life. This is a difficult task, but it's becoming easier as more food companies and restaurants are accommodating this epidemic. Here are some great options that almost every restaurant offers or you can make at home so you can eat without feeling limited.  



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1. Chicken Bowls

Whether you make them yourself or order one from Chipotle, these bowls are delicious AND gluten free. Chicken and rice contain no wheat, barley or rye, which means that they are naturally gluten free. I love adding lettuce, pico de gallo and some cheese. At home, I might even add some cooked veggies and avocado. But, however you mix it up, always double check ingredients, since you don’t want to accidentally make yourself sick. 



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2. The American Breakfast

I call my eggs, potatoes and fruit “The American Breakfast.” I love hard boiling a few eggs so I can have them prepped for whenever I need breakfast or a quick snack. I chop my potatoes into squares, add some garlic, salt and pepper and roast them in a pan. The American part to this breakfast is getting a new fruit every few weeks to keep up with what is in season. Again, these ingredients are all NATURALLY gluten free. 



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3. Acaí Bowls 

Mixing frozen fruit and some protein powder together and topping it off with granola, almonds, fruit and honey, makes the best breakfast, snack or dinner! There are hundreds of recipes out there, and to find a few click HERE. Putting all your ingredients in a blender then into a bowl makes the process very easy. and cleaning isn't too bad either. 



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4. Salmon 

Salmon and asparagus with mashed potatoes or rice is my go-to dinner option. I love being able to eat meals that I used to eat before I found out I have Celiac disease, and salmon is one of my top favorite foods. Salmon can be a little pricey sometimes, so this is a rare meal. But I love it because it fills me up so that I don't feel so hungry. I like cooking fresh asparagus and mashing the potatoes at home. It doesn’t really take that long and it just tastes better. 



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5. Stir Fry

Chicken or beef stir fry is so flavorful and really fills you up. Going to the grocery store and picking your favorite vegetables plus some rice noodles makes cooking this meal very fun. Just be careful when buying soy sauce because soy sauce is not naturally gluten-free, so be sure to buy GF soy sauce.


No matter what you are cooking or where you are eating out, always check the ingredients! Small mistakes can have huge consequences to your stomach.