Foods That Will Help You Score That A+

We’ve all been there, the routine late night study session at Fondy, and the temptation of grabbing a brownie or cookie, along with your usual Starbucks coffee as motivation to continue working. However, why waste time and calories on Starbucks, when you could eat healthier foods that help you stay focused while preparing for your exam? Check out some of the food options below for a much better chance of getting that A+ on your next test.


Bursting with antioxidants and anthocyanins, blueberries are great for improving memory function. With so many benefits for your body, and study sessions, why choose any other library snack?

Dark chocolate

We are living in a wonderful world where scientists have proven the health benefits of dark chocolate. This sweet is rich in magnesium, iron and flavonols, which all help blood flow to the brain. Make sure to grab some dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa to receive the best benefits during your study break.


The food mecca of omega-3 fatty acids, the super food of brain health, salmon is a life saver—and now a grade saver.


These nuts have omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E – a.k.a. nutrients that make for great study snacks. Look for trail mix that includes walnuts, and maybe dark chocolate and dried blueberries for a superpower study snack!

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been hailed for its many health-improving benefits, but new research suggests it enhances our brain’s cognitive functions, meaning it can boost our memory. So skip your usual coffee run and brew a cup of chamomile tea when in need of your caffeine kick.


All photos via Foodiesfeed