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5 Tips for Nailing Your Next Interview

The all-scary interview. You not only have to talk to people you (probably) don't know, but also sell yourself as the best option for their company. Here's how to come out of the interview feeling as if you've already got the job:

1. Come up with what is unique about you.

Write down all your successes, your skills, and figure out how to fit them into stories you can tell. Look up common interview questions and come up with a couple examples that are moldable into different situations and highlight all that you are.

2. Talk about what you're looking for in a company (as long as it lines up with what they are).

Say you're looking for a small company with a casual, close-knit atmosphere and hope to stay at the company for years, if you are. Businesses are looking for good fits that they can invest in and see working there for years to come, even if it's just an internship.


3. Practice!

Visit with your school's career center (our's is the Hegi Center located right on the second floor of Hughes-Trigg!) and practice interviews or go find someone off campus. The more you practice, the more confident you will be going into an interview.


4. Dress smart.

When in doubt, it is better to dress more formal than less. So find a well fitting suit, it doesn't need to be expensive, a fun, but conservative blouse, and a good pair of heels, and impress them from the minute they see you.

5. Be confident.

Sit with your shoulders back and don't fidget. You want to come off intelligent and poised, and constantly touching your hair (so wear it back if you need to) or fidgeting will make a business think you do not know what you're talking about.


Most of all, do not be afraid to have fun. Businesses like genuine people, so be yourself and do not be afraid to be enthusiastic about things you're passionate about. I gushed for five minutes about Colorado and skiing because the company I am interning at names their teams after ski resorts. Let a company see the real, confident you in an interview and you'll be getting the offer call in no time.

Courtney is a junior at Southern Methodist University, majoring in Marketing with a concentration in entrepreneurship and a Spanish and advertising minor. Lover of puppies, writing, How I Met Your Mother, and anything crafty. When she's not attending one of a hundred meetings, you can find her wrapped up in bed pretending to work while really editing Spotify playlists or watching Hart of Dixie.
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