5 Names People Call the Black Cat that Hangs Outside Crum Auditorium

The Black Cat that has created a home outside of Crum Auditorium provides comfort to most who pass it. He is very picky and only lets a select few pet him. The cat's real name is Sammy, but students on this campus created an array of new names for him. 

1. Shadow

"I mean, I only see him at night." -Sophomore Alex Henderson

2. Pluto

"I call him Pluto because some people get scared of him and say he's bad luck since he's a black cat. It makes him somewhat of an outcast like the dwarf planet, but he's full of love." -Sophomore Priyashi Saha

3. Salem

"Like the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch!" -Freshman Surya Ramakrishnan

4. Giuseppe

"He reminds me of that Italian fashion designer. I think that the cat's soul." -Sophomore Chelsea Dobbin

5. Nigel 

"His face is very Nigel. I think its his eyes, the glow is Nigel." -Sophomore Seifey Mohammad