5 Low Commitment Ways to Celebrate Fall


Image via Bekir Dönmez


Everyone’s favorite season is creeping up on us, but so are midterms. Here are some tips on fall festivities you can squeeze in without compromising your G.P.A.

1. Festive Door Décor

What you’ll need: If you have a whiteboard on your door already, add some fall-themed doodles: leaves, steaming mugs etc. If you’re less artistically inclined, you could also write out a clever saying. If you lack a whiteboard, fret not, you can always buy a little chalkboard and some chalk pens, some temporary decals or a wreath!

2. Seasonal Room Décor

What you’ll need: Anything textured to hang, cover or drape in your room; faux fur and cable knit fabrics are my personal favorites. You should also feel free to string up some lights, or add in some autumnal colors to your decor with a fall-themed door mat, blanket or throw pillow!

3. Sample the Flavors of Fall

What you’ll need: Pumpkin Spice flavored everything: granola bars, cereal, oatmeal, coffee creamer, cinnamon rolls, marshmallows, tea, whatever you can find. Make an evening of it with your friends; go out and buy the most ridiculous fall flavored thing you can find and enjoy!

4. Movie Night

What you’ll need: A movie, a cozy blanket, and a snack. Depending on your interpretation of fall the movie could be anything from a slasher film to a rom-com, but nothing says cozy like a good movie, a warm blanket, and some hot chocolate (pumpkin spice optional). Pro-tip: Freeform (previously ABC Family) just upgraded from 13 to 31 days of Halloween movies.

5. Self-Care Sleepover

What you’ll need: Comfortable pajamas, a matching set or onesie will really get you in the mood. The rest is entirely customizable, paint your nails a fun Fall color and put on a face mask. CVS has a cool self-warming clay mask that’s pumpkin scented that I personally feel embodies the season.