5 Best fitness bloggers on Youtube

Sometimes going to the gym is just really hard. Actually, no. It's always really hard. I can pretty much "excuse" myself out of anything, and the walk all the way from Dedman rec. from Virginia-Snider is just too much. So lately, (because I'm lazy but I want to be fit) I've been getting really into Youtube fitness bloggers. All five of these lovely ladies are basically my personal trainers the second I click on their videos; no excuses allowed

5. GymRa

GymRa is a really useful cahnnel if you get bored of the same old workout/trainer every day. The workouts range from hip-hop dance workouts to really intense HITT workouts (my personal favorite).

4. LoveHealthOK

LoveHealthOK is my absolute favorite Youtuber for food inspiration and really helpful tips on getting more fit. She also does a series on things you can cook in mugs and in the microwave, which could he really useful for those gals living the dorm life!

3. Lucy Wyndham-Read

Lucy is a British fitness blogger, and I personally find her accent super cute and oddly motivating. Lucy's workouts are all about being quick. Which is absolutely perfect for girls who don't have enough time to commit to that full hour in the gym. Lucy takes a realistic approach to fitness and health that comes as a breath of fresh air! She also does a video on how to not gain the freshmen 15, which I found super helpful!

2. Yoga With Adriene

I can not say enough about Yoga With Adriene! While teaching you how to engage your core and rock that warrior one, she is also teaching you how to love and stregthen your body. Yoga With Adriene is great for newbys to yoga and seasoned professionals alike. The video above is defintley a challenge, but she also has some really great basic videos that I go to when I need to hit the refresh button. Namaste! 

1. Blogilates

Blogilates (Cassie is her real name) is hands down the best fitness blogger on Youtube. Her videos are ridiculously effective, and she's always so positive and fashionable! In addition to her amazing videos, if you subscribe to her free newsletter you get access to a free workout calendar. I've been following her workout calendar since the beginning of October, and I'm already seeing results! Each workout is about 50 minutes long, and you will be dead after those 50 minutes...but in a good way. Trust me!