The 4 SMU Homecoming Perunas that Blew Judges Away

It's Homecoming Week, which means that organizations all across campus have whipped out their art supplies and their school spirit for this festive week, from the glitter to the paint to the decorative feathers. Every organization is trying to best each other in all of these Homecoming competitions. Some are the sort that all schools seem to have (who can think of HoCo without thinking of a float competition, for instance?), but some are completely unique to SMU. One of these unique traditions is the Peruna painting contest, honoring the tiny horse who serves as our famous mascot (the only mascot to ever have killed another mascot. How's that for badass?). We've brought to you the winning Perunas.


3rd Place

Kappa Alpha Theta and Phi Delta Theta

who tied with

Delta Delta Delta and Sigma Chi

2nd Place

Chi Omega and Beta Theta Pi

1st Place

Crum Commons


All photos by Eman Haque