10 Ways You Can Pass the Time in Between Your Classes

We all know the struggle of having awkward time gaps between classes-- too short to go off campus or back to your dorm but too long to sit and wait for another class to start. Here are some ideas for productive (and some not so productive) things you can do to make the time go by faster until it’s time to head to your next class.

1. Have a quick coffee/study date


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Those 30-60 minute time chunks in between classes are the perfect opportunity to get some last minute work done (or get ahead on homework if you’re one of those people). So pick up some Starbucks, hit up Fondren Library, and get to work!

2. Go for a jog

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Running is a great way to kill time between classes while getting some exercise. It’s also a great way to take in the scenery of the beautiful SMU campus!


3. Visit the Writing Center

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This is definitely one of the most productive ways to spend your break! It’s super easy to schedule a 30 minute consultation at the ALEC to get some much-needed feedback on that essay you have due soon.

4. Stop by an on-campus event

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Whether you’re interested in finding a club to join, an internship or just grabbing some free food, there are always fun events going on around campus. An hour break in between classes would be a great time to scope out what’s going on around Hughes-Trigg or Dallas Hall Lawn. You can find a calendar of some of the many events going on around campus here.

5. Get a Head Start on Your Laundry

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I don’t know about you, but laundry is something I’m always glad to cross off my to-do list. Short breaks in between class provide just the right amount of time to throw in a couple of loads that will be ready for the dryer by the time your class is over.

6. Discover a new place on campus

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You may not have time to leave campus, but luckily there are so many interesting places that you can visit without going off campus. Take a stroll around the boulevard and see if you can stumble upon any new landmarks. My personal recommendation is Meadows Museum; they always have amazing art exhibits happening!

7. Watch Vine compilations

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During a stressful day of classes, we could all use some comic relief. Use the time in between your classes to go on YouTube and search Vine compilations because they’re hilarious and #RIPVine. Forgot your headphones? No problem, you can still get in your daily dose of laughter by looking up memes on Twitter

8. Take a moment to relax

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You can also use your breaks as an opportunity to treat yourself and practice some self care, because you deserve it. Whether it’s meditating, listening to music or deep breathing exercises, use the time in between classes to do whatever makes you feel relaxed.

9. Catch up with family and friends

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Breaks are also a great time to make a quick call to your family and friends. While you’re not busy with class and homework, you can check up on everyone back home and tell them all about how much you’re loving SMU.

10. Take a nap

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Feeling sleep deprived after a week of all-nighters? Shorter time chunks in between classes give you a great opportunity to take a quick power nap. Just don’t forget to set your alarm!