Trump Is President. What's Next?

Well it happened, Donald Trump is our president. No, I do not support him.

However, I think his presidency has the ability to change America for the better. This will only happen if we do not let our voices be silenced. Now is not the time to be protesting against Donald Trump, he was elected and now we can only control how we react to this. Instead of protesting the man himself, start arguing for the issues he has an influence on. Trump has brought light to issues that are often pushed to the side and labeled “too difficult to address.” These issues range from racism, sexism, and environmental issues. People are getting angry. They do not want their issues devalued. Whether they are issues that affect them personally, that affect groups of people, or that affect all of us on this Earth they want them to be addressed. Donald Trump has caused people to worry that their issues are either going to be ignored or set back in any advances made.

This is the time that we need to join together. Whether you’re concerned about the environment, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, or anything else, you need to speak up. I can guarantee you there is someone else out there who shares your concerns. Gather your friends, your friends’ friends, and start talking. Your ideas and voices have the ability to make a difference. There are plenty of ways to make a difference, whether it is small or large. Donald Trump is an extreme position of power and although we have a system of checks and balances he can still make huge decisions. He has the ability to deport all illegal immigrants, ban anyone  from entering our country, pull out of the Paris Agreement (committing to cutting down greenhouse emissions), as well as reverse certain LGBT Rights. I recommend researching the topic you’re interested in, see how Trump could have an immediate effect on it, and then take action to make a change. Contact your local representatives, senate members, congress members, and anyone you think could help spread your message. We are very lucky to live in Vermont, a state small enough that you often run into your representatives when you’re out and about (yes Bernie lives in Burlington and it’s not rare to see him on Church Street) and they actually take time to listen to what we have to say.

Finally, I challenge you to listen to others. It may sound simple but it can make a world of difference. Do not just assume you know someone’s story and the problems they face. Take time to speak with them about it and inform yourself about the reality of situations. We cannot afford to spread false information about issues. Expand your knowledge, learn about a new culture, a way of life, an issue you thought you knew about. And don’t forget to spread your story. If you are facing something you think needs to be addressed tell someone. You may just find out that others out there are facing the same things as you. So please do not let Donald Trump discourage you from fighting for what you’re passionate about, let his election set you on fire and get started on your work.



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