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The Three Friends You Need to Help You Get Through the Semester

  1. The one who tells you the truth

For me, that is my best gal pal since sophomore year in high school, Tzippa. I have not talked to her recently due to the fact that she has spent the last month or so experiencing a whirlwind romance in Paris. So, this semester had been hard without her here to keep me sane. After filling each other in, we talked about the stresses of college, work, and friendships. I could not have picked a better person to express my anxieties to. Not only does she hear me out, she phrases her advice in a way that allows me to see from a different point of view. I believe Tzippa is the kind of friend everyone needs; the kind where they do not agree with everything you say. In other words, a friend who challenges you.


  1. The one who listens

Something I hold very dear to my heart is that my friend, Adam, and I recently marked our sixth year of friendship. Because of this, Adam is someone I trust endlessly. We’ve experienced a good chunk of life together, so he has seen it from my point of view and vice versa. He is the type of friend you can always count on to give advice or a good belly-aching kind of laugh. He’s charming and always leaves you with a smile. From past relationships, down days, and friend troubles he has heard me talk his ear off. He has been one of the only constants in my life these last six years, so it is nice to feel like someone genuinely hears and understands you. In other words, a friend who just gets it.


  1. The one who hypes you up

Everyone needs a hype-man. For me, that is my friend Allie. Even though I have not known her for as long as Adam, her soul brings so much light into my life. Everything I do in her eyes is an accomplishment and deserves some kind of praise. This is something that comes in handy when you are knees deep in assignments and essays. She genuinely cares about how you are doing and is interested in everything you have to say. Allie is the one I call whenever I am nervous for a job interview, want to share my excitement with someone, or plainly, just feel like calling  someone because I am feeling lonely. She always leaves you feeling good about yourself, with a smile on your face. Allie is the kind of friend who reminds you just how awesome you can be. In other words, a friend who is in your corner.


….and here’s an appreciation for all of my friends who are helping me get through this semester. Cheers my dears!




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