My Sophomore Year Roommate

I have been reflecting on this past year since the decision to close St. Mike’s for the duration of the semester. Although it was my sophomore year, I like most other people am mourning the loss of one of the few springs traditional students get to spend in college. I truly would not be as affected by this consequence of the pandemic without having such a turnaround year. One of the many reasons which made this year great is my roommate and good friend, Annie. 


Annie did not know what she was getting into when we decided to live together. At first, we both thought the other was extremely easygoing as we agreed to have me set up the room when I reported to school early for preseason, as we both did not really care what it looked like as long as we had space. The first two weeks we were both pretty quiet and were careful not to make the other person uncomfortable. Soon, we both would talk so much and about so many topics that we were amazed at how quiet the other had been before. I found an unapologetic and honest friend in Annie, something I did not expect from rooming with an acquaintance. 


Sophomore year was a stressful time with me dealing with health issues. Without Annie’s support and friendship I genuinely do not know how I would have made it through the duration of our academic year (even while we are now remote). She brings out the crazy side of me that loves to laugh and appreciate life, even at my most stressed times. I will forever remember and appreciate our roomie dates, nights out, 1am meme sessions, filming fun tik toks we will probably never post, our adventures around Burlington, making snow angels, running around campus, our wall of crazy quotes, introducing her to the Bachelor, baking in 101, and rare depresso cuddles. 


So, Annie, here is to another year of shenanigans when we are back at campus with much more than a dorm for room!!

My roommate Annie and I Bonnie Gillis