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The concept of makeup is truly bizarre. Many women purchase chemical solutions and apply them to every inch of their face. They coat their eyelashes with dark, thick paste in order to create the illusion of longer and fuller lashes. They draw over their eyelids with a pencils and pigments to bring attention to their eyes. They blend liquids and powders into the skin so their faces can look smooth and flawless. I used to do all of these things; I would spend money on these products, dedicate time everyday to apply them, and receive irritated eyes and clogged pores.

I began wearing makeup sporadically in sixth grade and then on a somewhat regular basis in seventh grade. Equipped with drugstore makeup and two older sisters who were already makeup experts, I started experimenting with the various products. Putting on makeup was a creative and enjoyable process because at that stage in my life, my motivations were innocent—I was just having fun. I was not wearing makeup for anyone besides myself, and I felt no pressure to look a certain way. However, as I noticed girls around me starting to wear makeup on a daily basis, I decided I should too.

Like a multitude of teenage girls, I developed a sort of dependence on makeup. I felt as if I needed to put beauty products on before leaving the house and that I was not complete without them. This mindset followed me throughout middle school and high school. It wasn’t until senior year that I became self-aware of my unhealthy relationship with makeup and stopped wearing it regularly. Though, I still kept all my cosmetic products and wore them on occasions I deemed necessary. But I began to wonder why I felt the need to wear makeup on these special occasions. Finally, about halfway through my freshman year in college, I ridded myself of all my makeup products—I threw them all away and never looked back.

I do not think makeup is a terrible thing that should never be used, but I do think many users ultimately develop an unhealthy relationship with their cosmetics and appearance. For me, it did more harm than good, so eliminating beauty products from my routine was rewarding. For me, makeup is not worth it.


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