Letters To Your Soul From Victoria Erickson

Winter is upon us with early sunsets and pitch black nights, let alone the usually grey clouded skies during the day as a result of the weather. The bitter cold and constant darkness can make it hard to get up in the morning and get on with your day, and there is a distinct decline in motivation around these dreary weeks. While there isn’t much we can do to change this drab weather, there is plenty we can do to add some sunshine into our lives. During these bleary months of darkness and coldness, I find solace in words. One of my favorite books is Edge of Wonder by Victoria Erickson, which features a compilation of sayings that Erickson scribbled down one day in her notebook, then transferred into this book. I’ve picked a few of these quotes that inspire me to refrain from submitting to the poor weather with a poor attitude, and instead find the beauty in even the dullest of mid winter skies.


On my tough days, I sit down and think about all of the amazing things that life has to offer: from the beauty in a sunset, to the vastness of the ocean and stars in the skies.There are so many things in life to cherish, so be passionate about all of it.


This is a beautiful reminder that you shouldn’t settle for something that feels half right. If it feels half right, then you’ll be half satisfied, and half happy. Don’t live your life in halves. When you’re lucky enough to find the thing that makes you full, then be brave enough to stick with it.

Perhaps the most important lesson that Victoria Erickson teaches is that you are an incredible being. Everyone has their own story, one that is uniquely theres, and you are the only one that knows all of it. You do not need to seek acceptance from others, because you are the only person who can accept yourself. You know your story, what you’re capable of, and the magic in the depths of yourself.


Your happiness is essential to living. Even though the weeks of heavy snow and dreary skies and bitter cold seem to consume the last of your sunshine, they really don’t. Your soul is what drives you, what motivates you, and what keeps you sane. As you move forward through these bleak couple of months, remember these sayings and the fire inside of you, for you are a unique being who has the power to make your own happiness.



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