Insecurity: Gym Edition

While I was at the gym today, I started to think of something that I’m always thinking about at the gym. Who is looking at me? I don’t know why I feel so awkward there, but I always think I’m being judged in some way. While I am personally never judging other people while I’m there, it seems like people are always looking at me. 

I told my friend about this and she said she feels the same way. She told me that when she goes into the weight room at the gym, people look at her as if they think she doesn’t know what she is doing. It’s funny because I have always been thinking about this issue, but haven’t talked about it until recently. My friends also feel the same way and have the same struggles when they are working out. 

The lesson learned is that you should never judge people that you see at the gym. Chances are, these people are trying to improve themselves. Another lesson is to stop letting other people’s stares get in the way of your grind at the gym. They are simply not worth worrying about. 


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