Campus Cutie: Maddy Gemme

YOG: 2021

Major: Psychology

Minor: French

Hometown: Mansfield, MA


Why did you choose SMC?

My sister went to St. Mike's and absolutely loved her experience here, so when it came time for me to tour schools my first choice was to check it out here. From then on, I compared every school I toured to St. Mike’s and eventually decided this was the place for me!


Now that you're here, what's your favorite thing about SMC?

I love so many things about St. Mike’s but if I had to pick one thing it’d be the people. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and I found the most amazing people to surround myself with!! (Shout out to my girl gang)


What was the most memorable moment of your first orientation week as an O-leader?

Instantly making 60 friends was definitely a highlight during orientation. By the end of O-week, we all got so much closer and really got to know eachother and I was so lucky to be a part of the orientation family!


What was the most challenging part of your freshman year? How did this affect how operated as an O-leader?

I had a tough time adjusting to living on my own freshman year and finding a routine everyday, which I think most people tend to struggle with. As an O leader, I wanted to make myself available to my o babies so they knew who to come to when they were adjusting to this crazy time!


What’s your Netflix go-to right now?

I will always be down to watch New Girl or The Office, but there’s nothing like a creepy documentary about a serial killer. 


Describe your perfect Saturday in Burlington.

It doesn’t take much to please me, just a coffee and a sandwich and the waterfront and I’m good to go!


Is there a professor that made a lasting impression on you? If yes, who and why?

Paul Olsen was my first year seminar professor during my first semester at St. Mike’s, and he fostered such a warm and comfortable environment that made my transition to college level classes so much easier! To this day he still gives me a big hello and a hug whenever I see him :)


What is you favorite thing about the fall? 

Fall is my FAVORITE season because the weather is perfect and all of the trees are so pretty, but more importantly Thanksgiving happens during the Fall which is the best holiday.