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Bringing Sexy Back: The Art of Love Letters

With the rise of electronics has come the loss of a romantic and heartfelt form of communication: love letters. Nothing compares to the feeling of receiving one in your college mailbox during those times when things are not going so well. They allow you to practice that cursive left behind in middle school and get creative with your decorating skills. From lipstick prints to stickers, no love letter is alike. Here are some tips to get started:


1. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can exchange love letters! If they agree to, keep letters personal and remember the lovely person it is for! And don’t worry–they’ll still love you even if you think they won’t like your letter.

2. Only discuss what is written in the letter through writing. It makes it more exciting to know their opinion or thoughts when their letter appears rather than getting on the phone and talking about the topic.

3. Talk about things you normally wouldn’t or things that may be difficult to express in any other way. Knowing that the discussion must remain in letter form protects you from any embarrassment you may initially feel.

4. If you know a stressful time such as a midterm is coming up in your partner’s life, be sure to include plenty of loving encouragement in your next letter (hopefully it will get there just in time)!

5. Include a separate little notecard with everything you love about them on it or something encouraging that they can hang on their mirror and see each morning.

6. Send photos! Anything from baby pictures to your most recent favorite profile picture. Having a physical copy is so heartwarming and unexpected.

7. Number the letters in the upper corner (you take odds, they can take evens) and date them. By keeping track, you’ll know exactly how many romantic transferences you’ve made over the length of your relationship.

8. Go crazy with stickers, your perfume, and lipstick prints on the letter! Even send them decorative stamps they can use to send their next letter in style.

9. Around your anniversary, send gifts such as tickets to invite them out somewhere with you or make homemade coupons (for kisses and favors) to put with your letter. In this scenario, definitely let them call you up to express their excitement in the moment!

10. They don’t have to be perfect! Just try to respond sooner than later! Make it habitual to keep the letter flow consistent.

11. Keep the letters in a shoe box or safe place to look back on in years to come!


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