Body Positivity: A Movement

 I used to go to the mall and play it safe. I’d only try on things that I was sure would fit me or that I was sure I’d feel comfortable in. But over time I started trying on different things. Clothes that were too big, too small, too flashy, too weird. I started to pick riskier things that might NOT look good. I picked things that people would probably think I was crazy for trying on. But most of all, I picked things that I liked and I didn’t care if they ended up looking silly. I was so happy. If something didn’t fit? Onto the next shirt. If it looked a little weird on me? Perfect, love it. This was a major transition for me and my life because it changed how I viewed myself.

I really started to love myself and my body when I stopped trying to change how I did things and started changing my mindset. Instead of putting all of my time and effort into trying to change how I look, I put it towards changing how I felt about myself. As long as you are happy and healthy there is no reason why you shouldn’t indulge in what you want and live how you’d like. I always used to think that the way I look would affect what types of people would interact with me. But guess what? If you’re happy with who you are, you’re going to find people who see that and are proud of that. People are going to look at you and see you radiating confidence and rocking your bod no matter what you look like and they’re going to love that! I can definitely tell when someone is embracing who they are just by looking at them.

I love my body. And I’d love it if it were taller, shorter, thinner, chubbier, wider, narrower, stronger, weaker, etc. Loving who you are is a choice! And at first you might not even believe yourself. But if you tell yourself that you like who you are and the life you live, you’ll start to believe it; it’s all about your mindset. It doesn’t happen overnight, and I’m not saying that you can magically convince yourself that you’re lookin’ great if you’ve been in a different mindset for a long time.


But self love is so very important because it changes how you feel about other parts of your life as well. Your relationships are stronger and you feel powerful in what you do. I generally feel happier, since I don’t really worry about little things anymore. And get yourself some friends who will build you up, too. Having pals who make you feel beautiful and cheer you on will give you that little push that you need to do it on your own. Stop wasting time trying to change what is fantastic the way it is and let everyone, including yourself, love you for it.


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