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Your Soundtrack of 2018 MUST Include Tom Rosenthal

Chances are you are not familiar with British singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal, but 2018 is the year to change that.  He has a fairly small following with less than 100,000 listeners on Spotify and around 150,000 subscribers on YouTube.  Rosenthal is a sort of hidden gem.  Despite his small following, there is no doubt that his music will make a big impact on you.  I stumbled across his music in 2015 and fell in love.  His songs are beautifully simple, and there is nothing typical about his lyrics or his style.

Rosenthal has been able to expertly write and sing songs that discuss politics, childhood, pasta, and everything in between.  He has worked with many artists to create music videos that match his unique music.  The video for Watermelon is a combination of watermelon stop-motion and Rosenthal dressed as a giant watermelon frolicking through the countryside.  Between the beautiful scenery and lyrics solely about watermelon, this music video is playful perfection.  The Melania music video is a simple animation that perfectly matches the lyrics directed at First Lady Melania Trump.  Rosenthal’s music and music videos have managed to capture and present all aspects of the human experience.

He has released four albums each filled a wide array of wonderful songs, along with several singles. Here are some of my personal favorites:

  1. Go Solo

  2. Throw the Fear

  3. Panda In The Chandelier

  4. Us

  5. Don’t You Know How Busy & Important I Am?

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