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Weekend Warriors: How to Make Your College Weekends as Productive and Fun as Possible

Weekends in college can be a bit of a struggle. You may have too much fun and leave all of your homework to frantically finish at 10pm on Sunday night, or you may dedicate yourself to school work and then experience major FOMO when you see friends out on social media. Either way, balancing your weekends in college can be hard. Here’s a guide to help you achieve the right balance for you.


1. Plan ahead

Ask your friends early in the week if they plan on hanging out this weekend or going to any parties or events. This way you’ll know ahead of time when you want to go out and when you’ll be available to do school work.


2. Block off specific times to study

Have specific days and times that you will devote to schoolwork, like Sunday afternoons. This way you know exactly when you will have to be productive and study.


3. Include friends in your study plans

Get your friends in on this study time! This will hold you accountable and make studying a little more fun. Just make sure you and your friends are actually studying!


4. Find a good study spot

Be it the library, a study room in your building, or another quiet spot on campus find a study spot with minimal distractions that you can be productive in.


5. Get motivated

When it’s time to study, get motivated! Whether its memories from your fun night out, the promise of an afternoon nap, or a simple cup of coffee find something to motivate you to get your work done!

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