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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

10. Clocktower steps

The clock tower is one of the most iconic places on SLU’s campus and a great place to sit with friends when the weather is nice. You can also get free coffee and bagels on Friday mornings at Java with the Jesuits!


9. BSC Patio

This is a gorgeous place to study outdoors in between classes on the east side of campus! There are plenty of tables with umbrellas, which makes for a great shaded spot to get some work done. There’s also lots of green space and hammocking spots surrounding this area.


8. Kaldi’s Coffee

Kaldi’s is a coffee shop with a classy, modern design with indoor and outdoor seating. It’s located on the corner of Vandeventer and Laclede avenues. They offer typical coffee shop drinks as well as more substantial food and baked goods. The whole place has a great atmosphere that inspires you to be productive


7. Starbucks in Clemens

This is a must for when you need to crack down on work but still want to have good food and coffee drinks. The ambiance here is really nice, and it’s a great place to go on a gloomy day. Plus, there’s an extra seating area in the back for studying!


6. St. Louis Bread Co. in the BSC

Bread Co. is a great place to go for food, snacks, and drinks, with a seating area surrounding it that’s a great place to get work done. It’s even better if you’re there when KSLU is playing music. I’m always using Shazam to discover new songs when I study there!


5. Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business

The B-school has a spacious atrium area with tons of tables, making it a great place to study. To make things even better, it’s adjacent to the Ameren Café, one of the best dining options on campus. It’s also a hub for running into professors and fellow classmates, which is useful for business students. In addition, there are quiet study rooms and various seating areas around the hallways lining this building.


4. Café Ventana

Café Ventana lies at the corner of Vandeventer Ave and West Pine Boulevard. This coffee shop is New Orleans themed with plenty of great food and drink options. Café Ventana has ample seating and much more study space than your typical coffee shop. It’s super cozy and a wonderful option if you’re looking for some variety in your study routine! Don’t forget to check out the seasonal beverage menu!

3. Tables outside the CGC

This is another solid outdoor study spot on campus. It has lots of seating, the fountain nearby is really relaxing, and the whole area is well-shaded which is super nice! It’s also a great way to see friends—you’ll say hi to so many people you know as they walk along West Pine while you try (and most likely fail) to be productive on whatever assignment you’re working on.

2. Pius XII Memorial Library

Pius is obviously one of SLU students’ go-to study spots. The variety in study spaces there is practically endless, whether it’s sitting in a booth on the first floor, studying with friends on the second floor, or cracking down on work in a cubicle on the fourth floor. It’s such a good study environment that holds so many spots with different study vibes within a super centralized spot on campus.

1. Patio outside the Samuel Cupples House

I can’t say enough good things about the Cupples Patio. It’s a gorgeous place to get work done when it’s nice enough to study outside. It has a secluded environment, which makes the space feel more in nature and less in the city. It’s quite possibly the prettiest spot at SLU!