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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

In 2022, a TikTok sound went viral from a character on Netflix’s “Anne with an E” saying the phrase, “How I love being a woman!” This trend hit TikTok with a storm as women everywhere celebrated the aspects of being a woman that they love. The TikTok trend allowed all types of women to celebrate a component of their identity that is often looked down upon or is the reason why so many face various forms of oppression and pain: the pink tax, the wage gap, menstruation, catcalling and more. 

The trend became a way for all women, no matter the culture or background, to come together and celebrate womanhood. The things celebrated by each woman varied, but one consistency was learning to fall in love again with something that are deemed as too girly. This referenced colors such as pink, going to the bathroom in big groups, wearing makeup, gossiping, etc. These are some of the things that are looked down upon as society, both men and women, deem them to be too childish or too girly. The negative attitude surrounding these actions and the likes of women pushed women to reject these things in order to conform to the status quo. By taking back these actions and celebrating them is a response to this degradation of womanhood that happens way too often. 

This trend also became a platform for members of the trans community as well. Famous TikToker and trans activist Dylan Mulvaney also partook in this trend stating how she loves being a woman, emphasizing how trans women are women and can celebrate womanhood as well. Another famous TikToker, songwriter and trans activist Violent Stanze, released a TikTok on Mar. 27, 2023 responding to a negative comment left on a video utilizing this phrase. She grows an extensive list of her experiences of why she loves being a woman. She ends by emphasizing the differences women have in their experiences and how all women are valid and need to stop “pretending that trans women don’t understand what it’s like to be real women.” These are only two of the many women who used this sound to support women of the trans community and promote women supporting other women.

In light of this TikTok sound, I have decided to list some of the aspects that make me love being a women: buying flowers from Trader Joe’s, baby blue, gold jewelry, getting my nails done, mehndi/henna, always knowing I can ask any women for a tampon or a hair tie, sleepovers with the girls, brunches, saris and the list goes on. I highly encourage you to join the trend and find the things you love about being a woman–it’s quite amazing!

Amreen is a Senior on the Pre-Law track with a major in Political Science, American Studies, and Economics. Amreen was born in Texas but calls Kansas her home. She loves to write about her life and her personal view of the world around her!