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The New Normal: Be Considerate to Yourself and Others

The new normal. It means something different for everyone during this unprecedented time. For some, it’s taking online classes. For others, it’s the misery of not being able to hang out with friends. For me, it’s become taking hybrid classes mostly online in my apartment fifteen minutes away from campus in my pj’s. I actually miss campus, and honestly, who would have thought I would have missed college and the feel of it this much? I miss walking to class, eating on the Quad, sitting outside of the Center of Global Citizenship, late night walks with friends, and hammocking in two-degree weather. Despite missing little things about Saint Louis University and how it used to be, I’m fortunate that I am able to stay safe and healthy during this time by creating a new set of social standards.


Whether it’s meeting friends at their place or meeting at a neutral park—of course, with six feet between you and the other party—there should be a new set of rules involved.


I’d like to break down some of the rules that I’ve come to believe are essential to safety and sanity during this time:

  • If you ever want to hang out with someone, give them a detailed idea of who and how many people you have been in contact with in the last 2 weeks.
  • Let people know how many other people will be in the room with them and always hang out in a group of 10 or less people.
    • Of course, facetiming friends is always the safest option.
  • Shower and use hand sanitizer after coming back from “the outside world.”
    • And yes, use hand sanitizer even if it’s the pump kind because you will end up killing the bacteria you get from touching the pump once you clean your hands.
  • Get tested even if you think you are safe, or have been home all of quarantine.
  • Wear a mask if someone is coming over. If you’re the guest, wear your mask and mutually decide with the host to socialize with or without masks.
    • Don’t just assume because you are comfortable, the other person will be as well.
    • I mean as my roommate says, assuming makes an a… butt… out of you and me, so don’t be a butt and be considerate.
  • If someone isn’t taking their mask off, don’t pester them; just respect their choice.
  • Ask people what people’s disinfection practices are in their house before entering.
    • For example, using hand sanitizer when entering or putting your shoes on the shoe rack.
  • Don’t assume you are the most paranoid person—ask before any physical contact.
    • I know it’s been a while and we miss our friends, but elbow taps are the way to go!
  • Encourage each other to stick to guidelines that have been set as relaxation sets in.


Overall, be smart and be safe. Be mindful and please, please, PLEASE wear a mask—and no, “dude, it’s literally not fine” to not cover your nose while wearing a mask! Embrace the new normal for what it is and enjoy your life even if you’re just in your pj’s Zooming to class.

She's obsessed with black coffee, photography, Grey's Anatomy, and trying new food when not working on her Neuroscience/PUBH coursework.
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