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The whispered promise that I refuse to believe yet so desperately cling onto  


I wander through life grasping onto the rays of bright warm light of love that edges its way through the cracks  


Running from the demons that remind me that these eclipses of light are only that, temporary,


I cry out to those around me searching through the soft tissue of their heart hoping to get stuck in the folds and engulfed in their comfort.  


As I rack through the trauma that has taken control of my mind, I tuck away the moments of happiness  


I etched the words into my side  


The black ink a reminder that I am in fact loved  


That although I search desperately and feel as though I drown in the thoughts of rejection 


There are little murmurs from those I hold closest that they do love me 


That there is nothing that will end that acceptance 


That they hold me, the broken ceramic pieces in the palm of their hands and carefully put them back together  


Smile at the creation that they knew I was  


And say  


I love you.

Kateryna Gehlhaar is a senior nursing student at St Louis University. She enjoys exploring new places, reading romance novels, and having dance parties with her friends. One of her greatest passions is taking photos in her free time! She is so excited to be a part of the Her Campus chapter this year and to share some of her own stories and adventures.
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