Celina Timmerman-Oversized Tshirt And Cup

Learn to Forgive Yourself: A Poem

Learn to forgive Child You, 

For all their mistakes and screw-ups,

For all their naïveté and innocence


Learn to forgive Teen You,

For all their "phases" and false faces

For all their cruel words to themselves and dark thoughts that taint the world


Learn to forgive Present You,

For all our unforgiving ways and ill-advised actions,

For not wanting a future and forgetting the past


Learn to forgive Future You,

For all the mistakes and screw-ups they will make,

For all their practicality and apathy


When you learn to forgive,

You learn to accept.


And when you can finally accept all versions of You-

That is when you will truly know yourself.

The thread that connects all those stories together,

That is your true name.