To Kick-start the Season of Thanksgiving: a Poem

During the holidays, 

Everything feels a little harder, 

A little darker, 

A little sadder. 


People ask me, 

"What are you doing for Thanksgiving?"


I say, 


Because I have no family to go back to. 

The family I do have is scattered across the nation. 


But what I hate most are the pitying looks.


"Oh I'm sorry,"

"Oh that sucks,"

"Oh, how terrible for you."


But it is okay to feel empty, 

And okay to feel sad. 

But I try to smile, 

And say, "it's okay."


I try to find reasons to smile, 

Reasons to enjoy the holidays. 

I take the time to mourn the loss of family,

But then, 

I step outside into my new family. 


As we enter the holiday season, 

This is your reminder:

It is okay to be sad and remember what you have lost,

It is also okay to move forward and be happy with a new family.