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I cannot thank you enough,

for being the reason

that I stayed in this world

every time I didn’t 

think I could. 

I cannot thank you enough,

for loving me so unconditionally

and letting me hold you

when I couldn’t breathe. 

You soothed my wounds

and stood by my side

to help me make it 

through it all. 

There was so much love

in the way that you 

saw me.

You were the first

in my life

that made me feel safe,

that I knew would

lay their life down for me

in a moment. 

You might not have known,

but I think you did. 

I didn’t have to beg you

to believe me

or listen to me.

You just did. 

And even though

you couldn’t speak,

you knew every ounce

of fear

and sadness

that I felt.

I cannot thank you enough,

for waiting to draw your last breath

until I got to you.

You knew we needed to say

our goodbyes 

and even then 

you tried to protect me

from the devastation 

that I felt 

when you had to go. 

And I know 

that you’re waiting

on that rainbow bridge,

and you will greet me

with that same love,

still in your caramel eyes. 

That deep, growl-bark

will beacon me and 

the white on your chest,

gleaming against the rest

of your black fur

will stand proudly.

Your gray chin

and that same toothy smile 

you gave me every day

after school

will greet me.

And I will feel safe again.

Striving to live life passionately, bravely and empowered. Grow with me. Heal with me. Learn with me.
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