How to be a Girl Boss


The patriarchy isn’t the coolest thing in the world, especially when you’re disadvantaged by it and trying to forge an ambitious career for yourself. Though the odds are against you, Girl Bosses have the ability and the drive to run the world. Here’s how to join the club, change the planet, and make yourself proud.


1. Get toxic people out of your life.



Does this person make you upset? Are you not contractually bound to them through work? Drop them. If someone is making your life worse, you do not deserve to be dragged down by their bad vibes. You deserve to be surrounded by non-toxic people.


2. Get organized.



No, this doesn’t mean you have to plan your life out right now. Getting physically organized can mean simply cleaning out your wardrobe, tidying your apartment/dorm/living space, or taking the trash out of your backpack. But why not take it a step further? Try getting your whole life organized. Get a new planner, start bullet journaling, or take a gander at Google Calendar. When you know what’s going on, you’ll be able to make better usage of your time.


3. Join something that resists



Get an internship, start volunteering, or join a campus organization that battles that darned patriarchy and helps Bosses like you get to where they need to be. It may initially seem like your actions are unimportant, but your help can really make a difference in the survival of others.


4. Confidence



I know for a fact that being confident isn’t easy. How could it when the media doesn’t want you to live up to your potential and believe in yourself? My advice is to fake it. If you’re able to, stand tall, walk with confidence, and don’t be afraid of the people coming your way. You’re a Girl Boss; make sure everyone knows.