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5 Pieces of Advice my Mom Taught me That I Need in College

1. Never let anyone take advantage of you

My mom is a tough cookie, and she always told me to never be afraid to stand up for myself. She knows her worth, and never undervalues her effort or time. Always demand fair treatment, and never work for free. And if your roommate won’t stop eating your snacks, it’s ok to say something. You earned those animal crackers.


2. Don’t overextend yourself

My mom always tells me when I’m stressed, or overwhelmed by work to take a break and come back to it. If something is really stressing you out it’s ok to step away from it for a bit. In the long run, your mental health is more important and a calm brain is a focused one. Take a break. Maybe call a significant female role model in your life.


3. Make lists

My mom’s trick with this one is to get a big, pretty planner so she has space to write everything down and she takes it with her everywhere. Having everything in your head listed out on paper is a really effective tool for organizing your thoughts and decluttering your brain. Try it consistently for a week, and feel the power of organization course through your veins.


4. Three deep breaths can solve most problems

If you couldn’t tell, my mom is big on mental health and organization. And rightfully so! This one is really simple, but effective. Follow along with this far out breathing gif.


5. Rituals are good

I'm not talking about the sacrificial kind, you crazy kids. I’m talking about the weekly Criminal Minds marathon with your mom, or the bimonthly trips to Grand Dining Hall just for a glass of water with your best friend. If you have a little thing that makes your week a little easier, make time for it. Like the little breaks in Pius, they will motivate you to get your work done. They also let you recharge. When you prioritize them you're giving your mind a break from your workload and allowing you to focus on you!

Thanks, mom. 

Psychology and Art Major at St. Louis University. Loves Goodwill, sunspots, art, makeup tutorials, and crying. 
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