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4 Things to Focus on When Life Turns Sour

1. Being there for yourself.

It’s simple, just be kind to yourself. Go ahead, spend the money on that face mask from Lush you’ve been eyeing for the past month. Maybe there really is something to retail therapy after all.

2. Finding people to lighten the load of heavy life situations.

You can’t control everything that happens, but having a good group of people to keep your mind off of it helps get you through. Find those people that leave you laughing so hard your stomach hurts no matter the mood you were in before. After all, the thing that makes me the happiest are the relationships I have built with those around me.

3. Following lots of animal accounts on Instagram.

Especially dog accounts. They put your focus on something happy and change your whole outlook on the day. Some of my favorites are @thedogist, @elvis_the_sheepadoodle, and @dogsofslu.

4. Maintaining that hardships are temporary.

While dealing with hard times, it can feel as if it will never end. That you are forever stuck in this moment of negativity, while everyone around you is moving forward. But this is not true. Life moves on despite how it feels in the darkest of times. Lift your head up, breath, and just take it one day at a time. And sometime soon, you will look back at the journey you have made from the worst of times and be amazed at your own strength.

Breakfast sandwich enthusiast, dog lover, and writer for Her Campus at Saint Louis University. 
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