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Skidmore Senior Bucket List

  • Chase a squirrel (& actually catch it)
  • Do the Hunt
  • Go to Falstaff’s (yes, as a senior)
  • Jump into the pond… we dare you!
  • Speak to a senior you’ve never spoken to
  • Take a class that scares you (or you told yourself you would NEVER take)
  • Spend a day on the green (& do nothing)
  • Do the naked run on Fun Day
  • Ride a horse downtown (without getting caught)
  • Hook up at one of Skidmore’s scandalous locations

(we recommend: in the library, in D-hall, in the dorms, a classroom, the roof of the tang, under the bleachers of the soccer field, or Case!)


Let us know how else we should “complete” our bucket lists!

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