Remy Marin '15: Interview Outift

As summer is approaching and we are all getting ready for those internships (or jobs, for you seniors out there!), we keep hearing the question of what is “business casual” floating around. We all struggle with this question because we don’t normally dress like this on a day-to-day basis. Junior Remy Marin shows us how it’s done before her internship interview and shares some advice for pulling it off yourself!

Her Campus (HC): Where are your outfit pieces from?

Remy Marin (RM): Most of what I'm wearing is from a small boutique near Boston called Gilda's. The blouse is Leifsdottir, the pants are by a French designer called High, and the belt is Post&co. I got the cardigan at Piper, and my booties are from H&M in Europe.

HC: How do you define your style?

RM: I would say my style is bold and eclectic.

HC: What is one piece of clothing you can't live without?

RM: Day to day, my Free People sweaters. During internships, my bright-colored, tailored blazers.

HC: Who is your style icon?

RM: Depending on the day, Allison Williams, Blake Lively, and Emily Schuman.

HC: How do you make the work clothes work?

RM: I think it's important to be mindful of the workplace dress code but also keep a sense of self. In doing so, I try to get basics but put a spin on them. For example, in this outfit, I mixed a basic but modernly cut pair of pants with a bright blouse and belt that made them look fresh but also professional. I also like to buy pieces that mix professional and unique; I have plaid trousers that are cut like skinny jeans, fun blazers, and dresses that are conservative but in interesting prints and colors. These pieces show that I take my work seriously, but also that I have a sense of style and individuality. Oh, and heels go a long way.

HC: What are your “business casual” guidelines?

RM: Feel out the office first, but always err on the side of being slightly overdressed. Other than that, I would say to follow middle school rules: no excessive cleavage, and skirts much reach your longest finger. Also, look for nicer fabrics and clean silhouettes to keep things refined. 

HC: Can you share any tips for how to create the perfect business outfit?

RM: Always start with the basics. Dresses are easy because they're pretty much universal, and basic trousers go a long way and are easy to pair with a number of different tops. Adding a pretty cardigan or blazer and a nice pair of shoes also pulls an outfit together. If you have a few statement pieces like that, you can throw them over any number of basics and always look dressed to impress.

Do you have some interview or internship fashion secrets to share? Tell us in the comments!