Profile: Feedmore


HC: When was Feedmore founded, and how was the idea born?

Feedmore: Feedmore was founded by Alex Hagney and Matt Weale in 2014. They were scrolling through twitter one night and came across a story on University of Maryland of how they were donating all their leftover Dining hall food to soup kitchens. They instantly thought of the name Feedmore and wanted to give back to the community that they called our home for the past two years.

HC: What does Feedmore do on a weekly basis?

F: On a weekly basis we meet twice a week in the test kitchen. We package up the food, weigh it, and the following day I bring it directly to the soup kitchen.

HC: What is the best part of leading a club like this?

F: The best part of leading Feedmore is that I’m able to see the impact i’m making on the community first hand. I really enjoy building connections and helping the volunteers that work at the soup kitchen as well.

HC: Does your club have any goals for the year?

F: Last semester we officially became a club! We now have a budget so we are excited to put on events throughout the semester