MacBeth Profile: Woodrow Proctor

Name: Woodrow Proctor

Class year: 2016


Her Campus: What is your part in the production and tell us a little bit about it.

Woodrow: I'm playing Macbeth in Shakespeare's Macbeth but we've cut the script to shorten the length of the show and to alter the story slightly to fit the director's vision. This is common practice nowadays and you'll rarely see any Shakespeare production that is ENTIRELY uncut. Macbeth is a Scottish thane (think along the lines of duke, or nobleman/warrior) who is told by a few witches that he'll become king. He and his wife take that into their own hands and things go downhill from their.


Her Campus: What is the most exciting part about this production?

Woodrow: The most exciting part about this production for me to getting the opportunity to put on a Shakespeare production alongside the peers with whom I've been studying for up to four years. A few of us studied Shakespeare abroad in London, a few of us in Lennox Massachusetts at Shakespeare and Company and even performed together in Saratoga Shakepeare's summer productions. It feels like a fitting culmination to my training as an actor at Skidmore. 


Her Campus: What is the biggest challenge you have with your role in Macbeth?

Woodrow: The most significant challenge I've faced has been trying to stay truthful and reactive in all of my work while at the same time creating a cohesive story with a tangible beginning, middle and end. 


Her Campus: What is your favorite part of being in a production like Macbeth?

Woodrow: My favorite part of being in the production is sinking my teeth into the kind of incredible scenes and language that Shakespeare wrote. There are so many reasons why his work is still so widely produced and getting the opportunity to speak the language and connect with the characters is probably my favorite type of acting work.