Introducing our New Campus Correspondent, Daisy Fey!

Connecticut native Daisy Fey is a freshman this year, using her love of the HER Campus Skidmore girls in her new duties as Campus Correspondent. Her favorite part of HER Campus is the weekly meetings. She finds that they are not only fun, but they motivate her to write all sorts of articles. She credits the enthusiastic girls of HER with giving her inspiration. In her free time, Daisy loves to watch TV. She loves everything from Bob’s Burgers to Black Mirror.She hopes to one day implement her love for TV in her dream of becoming a screenwriter. On a daily basis, you can find Daisy working early in the morning on the first floor of Skidmore’s central library. She finds the library very peaceful and soothing in the morning when it is especially quiet. It is here that she does all of her work. Here at Skidmore, her favorite class currently is her English class. In this class she exercises her love for reading and writing, and her overall creativity. In terms of a major, she is still unsure of what she wants to do. However, she is seriously considering majoring in Philosophy. She finds philosophy engaging as if gives her a new perspective on both the world around her and her own ideals. As Campus Correspondent, Daisy is taking charge. She is posting and writing articles, welcoming new members, and working to get funding. We are so excited to see how Daisy takes charge this semester!