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George Dilthey ‘16

Name: George Dilthey

Year: 2016

Major: Music and Psychology

Hometown: North Adams, MA

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, playing the cello, and listening to music

Fun Fact About Yourself: Me and my four brothers are all 2 years apart and all born in April


HC: What are you involved in on campus?

GD: I’m really involved in the music department. I play in the orchestra, chamber ensemble, a piano quartet, a string quintet, and a clarinet trio. I’m also involved in a clinical psych lab. Outside of academics, I’m a Head Tour Guide in Admissions, and a Supervising Usher at Zankel.


HC: What is the best part of being a Head Tour Guide for the Skidmore Admissions office?

GD: Making friends! I’d say close to 90% of my friends on campus are tour guides. Also, 90% of tour guides are my friends. We have such a unique group of students that are involved in admissions and its really great to be able to get to know everyone.


HC: We know you had an exciting internship this summer at Lincoln Center; tell us more about that!

GD: I’ve never lived in a big city like New York, so that was probably one of the coolest parts of the summer. I had no idea what to expect moving into the city, but once I got there I really started to love it. And I didn’t get mugged so that was a plus! The internship itself was really great. Being involved in such a huge organization whose soul purpose is to spread the arts was something that I was really happy to be a part of. I’m hoping that the connections that I made there will help me get a job in the future too!


HC: Are you involved in any student research through the Psychology department?

GD: Yes! I’m involved with Casey Schofield’s clinical psych lab. We’re doing some really interesting research on dissemination of information in regards to anxiety and depression. Theres about 8 students in the lab and everyone is super smart. Its great to have a chance to discuss some of the important topics that we do.


HC: What instrument do you play/what projects are you currently working on in the music department?

GD: I play the cello. I’m in the orchestra, chamber ensemble, and a few chamber groups as well. Acacellas has also auditioned and is making a run for Beatlemore this year. We didn’t make it last year so we’ve got our fingers crossed!


HC: What are you most looking forward to during this semester?

GD: I think that I’ll do the same thing I’ve been doing the past three years. I want to soak in as much as I can while I’m here. I want to meet a bunch of people before I graduate, and maybe try to find a job too. That’d be cool. I’ve also never stepped foot in the weight room, so maybe I’ll do that too. Or maybe not.


HC: Any ideas for the future?

GD: I’m hoping that my internship will lead me into a job in the arts administration world. Eventually I’m planning to go to business school, but I’ll definitely take a year or two off before that.

English Major and Business Minor at Skidmore College and new Co-CC of Skidmore HC. Spends free time hanging out with friends, taking yoga classes and dancing, and admittedly binge-watching her favorite Netflix shows. 
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