Four Underrated Places to Study for Midterms

 Have you noticed that as soon as midterm season arrives it becomes impossible to find a good study spot in the library? We’ve all been there. Here are four places that are totally underrated and a great place to study! 


1. The Couches in the Spa

        Let’s be honest.. we were all incredulous when we heard the Spa was getting a (much needed) facelift. But surprisingly they pulled through. Cozy up on the couches at the back of spa for a study spot conveniently located near outlets, food, and coffee.

2. Department Offices

        Is it just me or did it take anyone else four years to realize that department offices are a great place to study? You’re near your professors if you need help, and if you’re lucky maybe even a printer!

3. In a classroom

    Hear me out. Have you ever gotten to class a little early (or stayed a little late) and thought “Hey, this is kind of peaceful”? No? Is that just me? Regardless, your favorite classroom can be a great, quiet place to get some studying done!

4. Dhall Booth

    Dhall is a great place if you have a meal plan but it may be ~even better~ if you don’t! What? I know. Think - for one meal swipe (or 10 ish dollars if you don’t have a meal plan) you can sit in a booth all day and have unlimited food as you study! That’s right. Stay in Dhall all day and get breakfast, lunch, dinner and a cozy booth in which you can study.