Finding Balance

         How do I find the time to eat, sleep, maintain social relationships, study, complete applications for jobs or opportunities, go to class, work on campus, attend outing club trips and hikes, write articles, and be sane? Whether you are a college student or a working adult the problem of balance is something that we all face. Balance is knowing when to carve out time for yourself to practice self-care or study and knowing when to be social. This idea is like a fine science that will differ week to week and it is all about knowing yourself. And it is okay to say “no” because you cannot do everything. Whether you are saying “no” to a program or opportunity or even just a party, it really is okay and beneficial in many situations.

         Even if you feel like you have found balance, life gets in the way or circumstances change and you have to know how to shift how much time is spent on each thing to maintain that balance. Going about life and experiencing situations is the only way to get to know yourself to find balance. A balanced life will make you feel productive and happy. For me, I feel like I have balance at times and other times I feel completely out of control or stressed, in retrospect I could’ve planned better. I’m still working on being flexible and spontaneous, I love change but oftentimes it is hard to adjust to. Finding balance even changes semester to semester based on your class schedule and you just have to figure that out. Balance is like a scientific experiment and you just have to keep testing things until you find what works. Just try things, do what you love, stay busy, and balance will eventually fall into place.