FeelGood Skidmore

Her Campus: Tell me about FeelGood.

FeelGood: FeelGood is a youth movement across college campuses in the US and Canada; that set up grilled cheese delis to raise money to end world hunger and poverty! Each chapter is different, for instance Skidmore's FeelGood club not only has a deli but also a cookie delivery service twice a semester.


Her Campus: Where can we snag ourselves a grilled cheese?

FeelGood: Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12pm to 2pm in Case Center next to the SGA desk.


Her Campus: What is the secret to your delicious grilled cheese?

FeelGood: All the ingredients are donated! Our bread comes from the Bread Basket Bakery downtown (located on Spring St.), and our cheese and other ingredients comes from Healthy Living Market. All ingredients for cookies and brownies comes from Hannafords as well. Most importantly, our club members are professional grilled cheese makers, they just know how to hit the spot!


Her Campus: What do we have to look for this semester?

FeelGood: You can look forward to the Deli every Tuesday and Wednesday. You can check out our Facebook page (FeelGood at Skidmore) for the menu! Also we will be hosting our second year of Sammie Shenanigans an online fundraiser. Every money goal we reach, one of our members volunteer to do a wacky dare. We will record the dare and then post it on social media!


Her Campus: How can we do our part and help end world hunger?

FeelGood: All we need is support for our cause. That means being a member will keep the club going, and being customers helps us to send money to organizations around the globe who are using sustainable development methods to end hunger and poverty.