Evelyn Wang on the LINE Art Magazine Party

The annual LINE Art Magazine release party in the Tang is one of my favorite Skidmore events. This year, LINE is joining forces with Bare to throw the ultimate magazine release party at 7pm tonight in the Tang. In preparation, we sat down with LINE’s badass lady boss Editor in Chief Evelyn Wang.  

Name: Evelyn Wang 

Year: 2019 

Major: Art History 

Hometown: Queens, NY 

  Her Campus: So, how did you get involved with LINE? 

Evelyn: I came to Skidmore my freshman year knowing that I wanted to be involved in magazine design so I was thrilled to find out about LINE. I immediately signed up at club fair and I’ve been as dedicated as I can be to the magazine since then.  

HC: What makes this year’s issue of LINE different from last year’s? 

EW: This year we went a completely different direction with the design. We wanted to bring the design back to LINE’s roots as a more zine type magazine with hand drawn elements and collaging. We’ve also tried to steer away from saying we’re a “review” magazine. Promoting ourselves as a review magazine implies that we’re rating or judging forms of art on campus in a way that results in a good or bad review. We just want our articles to offer more of an open coverage of various arts events (not just visual arts but music, dance, etc) on campus from the perspectives of our writers.  

HC: What do we have to look forward to at the LINE/Bare Release Party? 

EW:  The party’s going to have an amazing array of student performers and student artists showing and selling their works like clothing lines, jewelry lines, and art prints. You can look forward to music performances from Tender Loving Care, Exes, The Skidmore Sonneteers, Ilie Lichtenstein + Emma Kapp! There will also be readings of Bare Magazine submissions and art on display from LINE art submissions. I’m personally looking forward to Hannah Parsons’ earrings on sale the most, I’m so excited to own my own pair!  

HC: What’s in the future for LINE? How can we get involved next year? 

EW:  I have so much in store for LINE still. This year’s revamping is just the beginning of some more changes within the club. I want to establish more solid e-board roles as well as a stronger structure for the design process of the magazine. We want to stay open to new stylistic choices while also maintaining consistency which is sometimes a difficult balance to keep up. LINE is super open to new members, especially in the Fall semester when the production schedule isn’t as busy. If you’re interested and/or skilled in magazine design, writing about art, or just eager to join a tight club of art lovers, sign up for our email list! Or come talk to any of the LINE team at the release party! 

HC: Finally, you’re a badass lady boss. Do you have any advice for other aspiring lady bosses at Skidmore? How do you balance schoolwork and managing an entire magazine? 

EW: My advice would be to find what you’re passionate about and stick with it as firmly as possible! Leading LINE magazine as a club and as a publication was and still is daunting to me sometimes but it came naturally with dedication and love for what you’re doing. Honestly, I didn’t do the best job at balancing schoolwork and LINE but now that I have all this experience, hopefully I’ll improve next year. I learned how manage everything best by delegating responsibilities to my amazing board members. If it weren’t for all of us working as such a tight, supportive team, LINE would not be where it is right now. I definitely pulled more all nighters than I care to admit but if anything, it made me realize that working in publication and design is something I want to seriously pursue as a career.  

Come out to the Tang tonight night from 7 to celebrate with LINE and Bare. There will be free food!