From Dorm to Apartment: Expectations Vs. Reality

What was for two years merely a dream has now become a reality: I live in Northwoods. No more dimly lit bathrooms shared by eight people. No more showering with shoes on. No more perpetual sickness as a result of the poor ventilation in Jonsson Tower. At last, I have graduated to an apartment.

            I now have a kitchen, a living room, two full bathrooms, and a bedroom on the second floor. I have endless space for taking on culinary risks and decorating feats, but what I have already learned in my two weeks of being here is that time is still finite and tragically, I still don’t make good use of mine. Here’s a list of things I thought would happen, but didn’t.

  1. Meal prep. Just because I have a full kitchen and ample storage space in the fridge does not mean that I take the time to prepare my meals for the week. Sundays, to my dismay, are still for festering in the library. If it wasn’t for my angelic and talented housemates, I’m sure a nice cold sandwich would be my go-to lunch and dinner.
  2. Making my bed in the morning. I don’t have time for that. I could literally wake up three hours before my first class, and I still wouldn’t have time for that.
  3. The abolishment of “The Chair”. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. You know that desk chair that you’ve never sat in to do work once, both because you don’t want to and because it’s full of clothing you’ve half-worn over the past few months? That doesn’t go away, even when you gain a larger closet.
  4. A sense of order in communal spaces. It doesn’t matter that there are three moralistic, thoughtful souls living in this apartment with me. There’s always a pile of dishes in the sink, despite the fact that we have a dishwasher, and no amount of Swiffering will make you feel comfortable walking around without shoes on.

I would like to thank Glotzbach for the tremendous upgrade in my quality of life for my last two years of college, but I’m still the same mess I was last semester. Sorry everyone.