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15 electives to take next spring

Not sure which classes to take next spring? While we meet with our advisors this week, and think about registration (hopefully you got the first slot in your year!), we put together a list of electives that might strike your interest!

  • AM 234 American Sports and American Culture
  • AN 251D Visual Ethnography
  • AHDS 324 The Artist Interview
  • AA 201 Foundations of Arts Administration
  • DA 101 The Dance Experience
  • EN 217 Film
  • ES 100 Environmental Concerns in Perspective
  • GW 101 Introduction to Gender Studies
  • GO 209 The Latin American Puzzle
  • IG 201A Intergroup Relations: People of Color/White People
  • MB 190 Presenting A Brand Called Me
  • PS 210 Personality
  • SW 212 Social Work Values and Populations at Risk
  • SO 101 Sociological Perspectives
  • TH 140 Introduction to Directing
A senior at Skidmore College, who loves beagles, batman, and sushi. You can find me dreaming about Anderson Cooper and doing crossword puzzles.
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