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We’re all guilty of falling for a dumb frat boy that just doesn’t get it. Here’s how to know you’re guilty, too.

Okay, ladies, let’s just clear the air here. We’ve all swooned over a guy at least once in our lives that was obviously a selfish a**, only good for breaking our hearts, ignoring our texts and shotgunning a beer. And yeah, we survived, but there are easy ways to steer clear from all of those frat boy Brads and Chads that seem super put-together and dangerously invigorating on the outside.

First of all, if you think he’s the love of your life after meeting him at that Delta mixer drenched in beer, he’s not. Next.

Second, if you matched with him on Tinder, he’s not your knight in shining armor. He’s just trying to hook up. Next.

Lastly, if his motto is “Saturdays Are for the Boys”, that should be a big, bright, flashing red sign. See where I’m going with this? Next.

First impressions are important, but they’re not everything. I must admit if he makes a good first impression on you, that’s a good sign, but take everything with a grain of salt, and don’t read too deeply into his actions or words. There’s something he’s probably after from you… 

I met a guy who was seemingly a gentleman. Asking me the icebreaker questions, trying to get to know me, and what I was like as a person. He was really good at it too, I mean, he even convinced me he was interested. I thought it would go somewhere. Even after seeing him kiss other girls at other parties on multiple occasions, I was still in a trance over him. It’s fine he was probably drunk. Right? Wrong.

Welcome back to reality. You finally screwed your head on straight and decided to throw that frat boy out of the picture. But boy, are Saturday nights lonely around here! You make a Tinder profile just to kill some time and maybe find a potential bachelor to entertain yourself. Start swiping. Left, left, left, right, left, right, left… oh, a match! That was fast.

He hits you with a cheesy pick up line. It works! He’s got your attention. Maybe he’s got something going for him! Let’s say you go to meet him one Thursday night out on the town. He’s with his buddies, you’re with your girls. Perfect.

There he is, oh, he doesn’t really look like his picture, but it’s close enough. I mean, you knew it was him, right? Wrong.

After kind of catfishing you with his looks, his personality MUST be a 10. Give it a shot, oh, and take a shot too. He’s buying.

Hi, nice to meet you! I’m… oh, you’re wearing your… Greek letters (he’s one of them. RUN). Whatever, let it go, maybe he’s different (spoiler, he’s not).

Once those icebreakers are out of the way, he’s telling you stories all about his incredible, life-of-the-party, friends. “It was so funny, Brock funneled 2 beers at once, tore his shirt off and broke the pong table in half…” he trails on, and on, and on. No amount of tequila can numb the psychological toll this conversation is having on you.

If you can relate to any of these hypothetical and unfortunately realistic situations, then you my friend are also guilty of falling for a frat boy. It’s okay, don’t kick yourself over it. Now you know what to look for, and what to run away from.

Bottom line, you don’t need to put yourself through any of those emotional rollercoasters, or psychological games with guys, especially in college. College is the time to find yourself and grow as a person.

Yes, we’re all guilty of falling for the guy at the party, and sometimes nothing even comes out of it, but in this day and age, we should all understand and accept that we are in control, ladies. Guys need us far more than we need them. Embrace your girl power, and fall in love with yourself.

With that being said… Alexa, play Thank U, Next.



Saint Joseph's University Campus Correspondent
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