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Spotlight: Ashley Fannick

Name: Ashley Fannick

Class: 2019

Major: Biology

Minor: possibly minoring in IHS

Hometown: Frackville PA

HC: Aside from being an RA, what else do you do on campus?

AF: I do weekly service at Lankenau hospital, work at the SJU health center, and I am in the chapel choir. I am also part of club basketball, the politics club, and have worked in the chemistry stockroom. Lastly, I am in the AED pre-health honor society.

HC: Has being an RA taught you anything?

AF: So much. It definitely has boosted my confidence, leadership, people, communication, and teamwork skills. It taught me that Saint Joe’s main goal is to make everyone a better person and to create their own self-identity. As an RA, I’ve seen that even if you mess up you can still succeed in anything; whether it’s college life or if you decide to do something different.

HC: Where is your favorite spot to study on campus?

AF: It’s the 3rd floor old side of the library, all the way in the back where it is dark and no one ever goes!

HC: Fun Fact:

AF: I love horses and I love to ride horses. I want to be an orthopedic physician assistant. I love popcorn and I eat it every night. My sister also goes to SJU!


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