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Poetry Spotlight: Anonymous

Poetry is a captivating form of literature that embodies a sense of passion for a particular viewpoint, issue, or personal anecdote. Life is quite mesmerizing and the way that poets portray their experiences is sensational. Featured below is a piece of poetry from a fellow anonymous SJU student who in my opinion has a beautiful mind that produces exquisite compositions. Delve into this work… visualize the message….relate it to your own life….

“I am a crossroad, yet transient. 

Ebbing and flowing against the tides of chance and change.

I believe this is how I am meant to live.

Never knowing the direction of the path I travel.

Feeling each pebble and stone beneath my feet.

And sometimes I stop and look around.

And sometimes I sprint aimlessly towards the sun, the moon, the stars perhaps, or maybe even the wind.

I believe it is no accident that I was given this life.

It is no accident to be a witness to the formation of friendships and the destruction of relationships.

To be a participant in someone’s life.

And to weep at unexpected and inevitable death.

To those adversaries I have planted seeds – some are trees, some are weeds.

Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the two. 

So I close my eyes and lean forward unto the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”

Stay creative Hawks.



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