Get Running

Regardless of the day, time, season, or weather; one of my favorite things to do is lace up my sneakers and go for a run. Whether I go for one mile or ten, it clears my head and gives me a fresh perspective (especially with the holidays around the corner, the exercise helps counter all the delicious food!) Whenever I mention my favorite hobby, somebody is bound to ask “How do you like to run?” or “Ewe! Running is the worst. I wish I could run.” But you can! If you can walk, you can run. Being a competitive runner for years has taught me how to get around the countless roadblocks that appear when starting to run regularly. There are solutions to every problem and here are the answers and the top 10 pieces of advice to keep in mind when you start to run.


1. Push Through

It is common to hate running when you first start, but give it 10 days! Run consecutively for 10 days straight. It doesn’t matter the distance or the time, but always start and finish. Even if you ‘slow jog’ the entire time, don’t walk! Walking is like starting over again from the beginning except you are already tired.


2. Hydrate

Running takes a HUGE toll on your body and you need to fuel it. Drink around 7-10 water bottles a day and you should be good to go. Simply enough, if your mouth is even slightly dry, you are dehydrated.


3. Stretch

Stretching is so incredibly important. Stretch before and after you run. Muscles that are not stretched and warmed up don’t function as well. You are more prone to injuries and nothing is worse than running with an undiagnosed injury for months.


4. Get a watch

It seems trivial, especially if you are not running for time, but a watch is important. They are $10 from Target and help you keep track of how long you are running. As the time goes on, you will reach a moment when you are certain that you got to a specific point on your route faster than before and you will want a watch to look down at to confirm your victory!


5. Invest

Invest in a good pair of sneakers to run in. Ones that have support and fit you just right. You will be spending a good amount of time in them and want them to be comfortable.


6. Wear proper clothing

You may think that once you start running you will warm up, and you will. But when it is twenty degrees outside and you are wearing nothing by shorts and a tank top, your sweat dries on your body and you get sick. Plus, cold muscles are not good muscles to run with.

7. Food

You will find that the more you run, the better food you eat. Maybe it is because you are on a health kick or it is because you find that having fries and soda before you run makes you feel sick and you will just never make that mistake again.


8. Music

Running with music is a personal preference, sometimes I run with music and other days I opt not to. Regardless, make sure you purchase an arm band to carry your phone in and lace your headphones underneath your shirt so you don’t accidentally pull them with your hands.

9. Form

Spend some time learning about the proper form to run in. I always had a coach to teach me, but there are so many articles online that can guide you. Just remember to keep your arms loose and don’t cross them over your body!


10. Pain

Sometimes after you finish a run, even a couple mornings after, you are in pain. Your muscles hurt! You can try yoga, foam rolling, or even some more intense stretching. If your pain persists consider taking a day off, your body feels that way for a reason! Just remember to enjoy your run!