Class Registration As Told By Gifs

With midterms behind us and spring in the air, it's just about that dreaded time of the semester: picking classes for fall semester. For some (with good pick times), this can be an exciting time to plan out next semester and look forward to a fresh start. For the unlucky ones with a less-than-satisfying pick time, it can be one of the most stressful times of the year. 

Either way, here are some gifs that accurately describe the ups and downs when it comes to selecting classes. (Read on if, like me, you're looking for any way to put off checking your pick time and planning your next semester's worth of classes)

1. When you check your pick time and find out you won't be able to pick until late afternoon:

2. Or, when you find out your one of the lucky ones who get to pick their classes at 7 AM:

3. Rolling up to your advisor's office (or spamming them with emails) to try to find out what exactly you need to take:

4. Trying to fit your desired classes into a schedule that perfectly works for you:

5. Watching all the classes that you want fill up before it's your turn to pick:

6. When there's only a few minutes left until your pick time so you're constantly refreshing the page and staring at the clock:

7. Your pick time finally rolls around so you're typing in your class code numbers as fast as possible to try to get into everything you want:

8. Being on the wait list for a class you needed and emailing the professor begging them to let you in:

9. Actually getting into all the classes you wanted/needed:

10. Finally being done picking classes (until next semester anyway):

Good luck picking classes next week, Hawks!!