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The 21 Snapchats Everyone Has Sent Or Posted

Let’s be honest, did it really happen if it wasn’t on Snapchat? Snapchat has become one of the top ways to communicate with your friends, acquaintances, and especially that crush you’re too nervous to text.  Snapchat has basically become a live documentary of everything you do or maybe you’re just the ghost snapper that uses it to keep up with other people. Whatever it is, we all know the phenomena that Snapchat has become.

Here are the top ten snap chats you have undeniably posted or sent:

1. *Posts snapchat of food* (either because it looks good or reminding everyone you can eat that and still look good)


2. The dog filter

3. The beautiful scenery that everyone MUST see

4. ^Aka whenever the sun sets it’s like there’s been a new discovery

5. The “mass snap” you send in hopes your crush answers 

6. “I’m out with my friends and we’re having the best time ever”

7. The “hilarious” thing that you and your friends find funny but no one else really does

8. Substory- *this is where I am/ this is what I look like/ this is what I’m doing. Aka: I hope my crush sees this (checks views until mission is a success)

9. The make-up filter that you have to use when you go to send a snap and realize you even scare yourself at the moment

10. The throwback snap that you think everyone needs to see again

11. The song that is so relevant 

12. The “mystery snap” after a crazy night out- This moment of fear has never been more real. Sent it last night, everyone already opened it, couple questionable replies, and STILL no idea what it could be. 

13. “I’m literally never going out again” 

14. Send to my top best friends because those are the only people that can / should see this

15. Cute little human that you either know or don’t

16. The reassurance to all your fellow snappers you do indeed exercise

17. The amazing Netflix show you think everyone else should be watching

18. The mini music video you make in the car 

19. We understand that Starbucks gets you through the day

20. Trust me by now we all know your dog’s name/ breed/ birthday 

21. Hot dogs or legs? (Or you just want people to see you in a bathing suit at the beach?) 




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