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Women’s Health at SJSU

Students usually turn 21 years old while in college, and that is the age women schedule their first pap smear to screen for cervical cancer. A pap smear tests for the presence of precancerous or cancerous cells on your cervix. Although the test is uncomfortable, it is also very quick. The doctor uses tools like spatulas or brushes to scrape a sample of cells from your cervix. SJSU provides primary care gynecological services to students who need them, including a pap smear test. Different examinations and screenings are offered to women based on their needs. Some fees may apply based on the service requested. The following are all the things you can book an appointment for or get services for at SJSU in the Student Wellness Center: 

  • Pap smear after age 21
  • Pelvic examinations 
  • Breast cancer screening 
    • Request information about breast self-examination (BSE) at the
      Student Health Center if under 41 years old. 
  • Birth control pills 
  • General health screening 
  • STI screening 
  • Gynecological concerns such as vaginal infections, bladder/urinary concerns, menstrual irregularities, breast concerns, STIs, etc. 
  • Sexuality issues like birth control methods 
  • Pregnancy issues 
    • Free pregnancy testing
    • The morning-after pill is available over-the-counter if 15 years or older

SJSU also has free menstrual products in the Student Union bathrooms and the Gender Equity Center. Free condoms are also offered in the Wellness Center. 

More information on Women’s Health at SJSU is available here. If you feel like you need to book an appointment for one of these needs, call the Wellness Center at 408-924-6122. The Student Wellness Center is located in One Washington Square, San Jose which is on 7th Street across from the Event Center at SJSU. 

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