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What to Do if You Don’t Have a Summer 2021 Internship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJSU chapter.

The pressure for getting a Summer 2021 internship can be incredibly overwhelming. Getting experience in your field is important as a university student to get an idea of what the working environment is like with first-hand experience. However, many internships require a strong resume and have multiple rounds of interviews to finally receive an offer. This can be hard for people with limited work experience and no certifications. Here are some things you can do this summer to build your resume and learn without getting an internship.

Utilize LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a free resource for college students with over 5,000 courses on topics related to career development, technology, and creative tools. When finished with a course, you have the option to include it on your LinkedIn profile to show you’ve learned a new skill. This is also great if you’re interested in a summer 2022 internship that requires a specific skill on the job description that you don’t have. Use LinkedIn Learning to learn the basics of the program or skill that you need to perform that job and stand out in the interview process.

Get Certified

There are so many certifications you can get out there related to your field. For example, for marketing, you can learn Google and data analytics. Once you’ve completed the course, you get a certificate that you can display on your LinkedIn profile and put on your resume.

Hackathons and Case Competitions

If you like to code, find hackathons near you to compete in. Ask your friends in the same field if they’d be interested in competing with you, and it could be a fun summer activity! There are also case competitions that companies and organizations create for students to gain experience and learn. If you place in any of these competitions, it could look good on your resume.

Start a Small Business

If you have a hobby of creating something, turn it into a business this summer! There are so many platforms to sell on including Instagram and Etsy, and it could be an exciting summer venture. It isn’t as difficult as it seems and you have a full summer to plan, make the items, and sell them. Starting a business looks good because there’s a lot involved including dealing with customers and manufacturing and selling products.

Start a Blog

If you enjoy writing, start your own blog. You can do this on sites like Wix or post on LinkedIn or Instagram (visual blog). Plan different topics to write about and write weekly articles for your blog. Consistency is key with blog posts; you will start gaining visibility if you are consistent. Your blog link can be put on your resume as a project you completed and it will look good if you are majoring in journalism or marketing.

Get a Summer Job

You can also work in a seasonal job just for the summer. Summer camp counselor jobs are available everywhere, and this is a good option for students who want to be a teacher. Other jobs you can try are babysitting and dogsitting. Lastly, lifeguard jobs are open in the summer at local pools and waterparks. Try any of these and more to make some extra money in the summer while learning something new.


Volunteering looks good on your resume, and you get to help out in your local community! Organizations are always looking for volunteers to help in planning events, packaging items, and more. Check out Volunteer Match for opportunities that interest you in your city!

There’s so much you can do if you don’t have an internship this summer, so don’t stress! Make sure you’re also taking time to relax this summer before school begins again in the fall. It’s great to get experience or learn new things, but it’s also nice to relax for some time.

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